Thursday, 19 July 2012

Love Cafe ~ WIP progress

I have been working on my Love Cafe cross stitch all this week, and I have made a bit of progress!  I decided to go ahead and do some of the backstitching around the couple and the umbrella + chair.  Here it is!

Apart from the hoop creases, I think it looks Super Adorable and Fantabulous!!! I haven't done any back stitching on the boy's legs yet and I still have to stitch the girl's legs, the kitty and all of the background stuff.  Here are a couple of close-up shots:

Annie ^_^

Friday, 13 July 2012

Love Cafe ~ New Start

Hi!  I was browsing through cross stitch blogs, and came across a lovely blog called Therapy by Thread.  In a June entry, I saw the most adorable cross stitch the blogger had made called Love Cafe!  Here is her blog entry.  She had included the link to the website she had gotten it from, so I went ahead and bought it too!  It's from a shop called Soda Pattern Mall!

Here is a picture of Love Cafe!

It is so Super Adorable!!! I printed the pattern, and started right away!  I decided to stitch it on 18 count white aida.  Lucky for me, my mom had some white 18 count aida left, and she is so sweet, she gave it to me! ^_^
I started it on Sunday June 24th while I was at my in-laws' chalet up north, celebrating St-Jean-Baptiste (a Quebec holiday)!  After 1 week of stitching, I had this:

It doesn't look like much, but the colors are so cute!  This is so fun to stitch!  I worked on this project for another 2 weeks, and this is what I have done so far:

It looks blurry without all the backstitching... But already it is looking Wonderfully Adorable!  I think that I will stop here and start doing some backstitching and then continue with the cross stitch.  Here is a close up!

Annie ^_^