Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I Wish You Joy_Jane Austen ~ New Start & Finish

Here is an adorable pattern I found on The Sampler Girl website!  I LOVE Jane Austen, so I bought this e-pattern which was very easy and enjoyable to make.  I started it on August 29th and finished it on August 31st. 

I used a 27 count linen banding 4 inches across in Natural color.  The designer of the pattern had suggested different types of thread from Crescent Colours to The Gentle Art & DMC, but also had the conversion to DMC of the former ones.  I decided to use the colors she suggested, but unfortunately, I couldn't find the Crescent Colours "Capri" (which was a beautiful blue) on 123stitch.com where I placed my order.  I searched the other colors, and comparing it to the picture of the finished piece, I chose "Tyler Boy Blue".  But sadly, when it arrived, it wasn't the color I was expecting... I used it anyway, and though I am happy with the results, I am not completely in love with it...

27 ct. Natural Linen Banding
2 strands over 2
Crescent Colours, The Gentle Art & DMC
Started August 29th, 2012
Finished August 31st, 2012

Here are some detail shots:

 I really love this linen banding!  It has very pretty pyramid designs on either side.

This is what the finished piece looks like.  I think the designer did such a beautiful finish!
So now I need to go outside and find me some little sticks, and then a lovely ribbon to tie it with!

Annie ^_^