Friday, 27 December 2013

Home Sweet Home

I felt like doing one of my small cross stitches.  I finished it in a couple of hours.  It's fun to do these mini ones!

I added the little blue heart above the door. I think it's so cute!

Annie ^_^

Friday, 20 December 2013

Storykeep Masquerade ~ New Start

I started a new cross stitch on December 6th.  It's Storykeep Masquerade from Heaven and Earth Designs. 

I am stitching it on 25 count Evenweave with 2 strands over 1.  Here is what I have done in 2 weeks time:

I am having so much fun stitching this chart!  I have almost finished the first page.  Her hair has so many fun colors! Soon I will start with her face!

Annie ^_^

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

FINISHED Butterflies Galore SK!

HOORAY!  I finished my Butterflies Galore SK from Heaven and Earth Designs!

Two weeks ago I finally had my surgery on my right shoulder.  It was very painful and still is, but my doctor gave me the OK to do cross stitch a week ago, as long as I keep my arm close to my body, and not do big movements (which means I still won't be able to paint for a while...).

So I finished my Butterflies Galore SK on December 5th!  Here it is:

Charted by Heaven and Earth Designs
Artist:  Jasmine Becket-Griffith
Stitched with 2 strands over 1
on 25 count evenweave fabric
Started:  October 2011
Finished:  December 5th, 2013
(worked on it on & off...)

On December 6th, I started a new project, but I will post it another time...

Annie ^_^

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Home of a Needleworker WIP2

I worked on this some more, and stitched the flowers.  I also stitched the little thread bobbin & scissors.  They are so adorable! 

Annie <3

p.s.  I bought the pattern + the thread from  I love that online shop!  Lots of fun patterns!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

New Start "Home of a Needleworker" WIP

I started a new cross stitch about 10 days ago.  I couldn't help it! :)

It's from the Little House Needleworks, and it's called "Home of a Needleworker (too!)".
I am stitching it 1 over 2 on 28 count Linen with 2 strands of Crescent Colors thread.  I Love those threads!  The color variations are so fun to work with! Here are some of my wip pics:

 I finished the house, and I think it looks so cute! 

Annie ^_^

Monday, 28 October 2013

New Start FOF 162

Back in March 2013, I started this new cross stitch, but I never got around to taking photos and posting it in my blog.  I have been lazy!  It's Faces of Faery 162 by Jasmine Becket-Griffith, pattern by Heaven and Earth Designs.

I had been working on it on & off until July.  Since July, I haven't touched any of my cross stitches... I have been sketching and painting instead.  So far, I really like this one, except the hair.  I think it looks too dark.  It has lots of navy blues instead of purples.  But maybe once the whole is done, it will look better?

Close of the eye.  I LOVE her eyes!  So much detail! 


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I Wish You Joy_Jane Austen ~ Finished with Ribbon & Sticks

I completely forgot to post the finished piece of "I Wish You Joy_Jane Austen" in my blog! 
A week after I had finished stitching it back in September 2012, I went outside and found a couple of sticks to sew the fabric around on top and on the bottom.  I then found a purple ribbon to tie on the top sticks to hang it with.  As a finishing touch, I decided to put in a pretty little heart-shaped brass key hanging at the bottom.  Here it is!

The purple ribbon is the exact same purple as the centers of the flowers!  Here are some detail shots:

I hope you like it! <3

Annie ^_^

Monday, 28 January 2013

Scarlet Lips WIP Update

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in a while.  From October to December 2012 my arm took a turn for the worse and I couldn't stitch at all!  But with new meds, I am feeling better.  In the month of January 2013 I started stitching again, and decided to continue on CCK's "Scarlet Lips" from Heaven and Earth Designs.  I wanted to get quite a bit of it done before I posted an update pic.  Here she is with all first 3 pages done, and most of pages 4 to 6 and some of 7 to 9"

I am so happy with her so far!  She is stitching up so nicely!  Here is a further shot of her on my Huge Fluffy Heart-shaped pillow.  I find she looks like a painting from far!

So pretty!  Now mostly I have her tail and tail fin and a bit more of background to stitch.
That heart pillow is so soft and fluffy, that my cat won't leave it alone!  He keeps kneading it, then going to sleep on it for hours! :)

My last update on "Scarlet Lips" was a year ago, and this is what she looked like:

So you see I stitched quite a bit of her in the month of January 2013!  I can't believe I hadn't done any stitching on her in over a year!  I will be putting her aside again and work on other stuff...

Annie ^_^