Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I Wish You Joy_Jane Austen ~ Finished with Ribbon & Sticks

I completely forgot to post the finished piece of "I Wish You Joy_Jane Austen" in my blog! 
A week after I had finished stitching it back in September 2012, I went outside and found a couple of sticks to sew the fabric around on top and on the bottom.  I then found a purple ribbon to tie on the top sticks to hang it with.  As a finishing touch, I decided to put in a pretty little heart-shaped brass key hanging at the bottom.  Here it is!

The purple ribbon is the exact same purple as the centers of the flowers!  Here are some detail shots:

I hope you like it! <3

Annie ^_^


  1. How sweet is that little key to finish this off!!! Lovely :)

  2. Hello

    Your finish is beautiful and I think the key is such a lovely touch.

  3. That is lovely, what a lovely way to finish off your beautiful stitching!