Wednesday, 19 February 2014

"Sea Captain" Finished and Framed!


I am happy to post that not only did I finish my cute little Sea Captain, but I framed him as well! Here he is all finished!

I am so happy with the way he came out!  The stars are a little too pale though...
Now with the frame:

My mom found this old round frame she had, and I think it looks perfect! I was so excited to frame him that I forgot to put in a felt cushioned layer between the fabric and the cardboard I used for the backing.  Maybe I will redo it at a later time...

Some close-ups:

I hope you guys like him!  Here is the link to the shop on Etsy again if anyone would like to stitch him, too.  You can always email me ( if you would like to stitch him with the same colors I used!

Thank you again for all the amazing support from my followers!
Big Hugs,
Annie ^_^


  1. He looks great - love the circular frame too (:

  2. Wow he turned out great! Especially in that beautiful frame.

  3. He is so great Annie and looks fantastic framed. Beautiful work!
    Alicia xo