Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Atlantis StoryKeep from Heaven and Earth Desings

Heaven and Earth Designs are, in my opinion, the very best cross stitch design shop!  I love the art work they use to make charts with, and I adore stitching from their charts!  This chart, Atlantis StoryKeep was the first chart I worked with, and the first and only one I actually finished.  It took me a very long time to finish it, because I was working on it only from time to time, and it has loads of confetti!  But it came out quite beautifully!  Her face is a little blurry, but when you look from afar, it is quite pretty!  Here is a pic of the WIP:

 I had taken the first pictures of it when I was almost finished.  You can see in the second picture, how I don't really follow square to square.  I just go anywhere.  I like to stick the entire chart together and just stitch wherever I want!  Here is the finished piece below:

 I haven't washed or ironed it yet, though.  But compared to the original photo, I think it came out pretty similar!  Here is the web site for HAED:  http://www.heavenandearthdesigns.com/

Annie ^_^


  1. Gorgeous SK Annie. I started Queen of Hearts last year but haven't touched her in months. I have Train of Dreams ready to go and a couple of storykeeps too...